Sacred Tree Drumming

Sacred Tree Drumming is your resource for the growth, expansion and continued development of your spiritual journey. Through drumming experiences, Spirit-led retreats, walking the Medicine Wheel and spiritual journal writing, you can continue to create and become Who You Really Are. Touch your soul and the deeper part of who you know yourself to be.

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell, Sacred Tree Drumming founder, is a teacher, storyteller, drummer, retreat master and spiritual leader who has directed spiritual gatherings and led retreats for over 30 years.


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His varied experience includes:

  • Leading group drumming experiences with men, women, youth and mixed groups 
  • Directing spiritual retreats (whole/half day)
  • Conducting Medicine Wheel Experiences
  • Guiding Labyrinth walks
  • Integrating Solstice sessions with the Medicine Wheel and group drumming 
  • Offering group drumming to Veterans at local VA Medical Center
  • Helping families work through grief with the power of the healing drums
  • Teaching “Journal Writing on the Spiritual Quest,” a course on spiritual journal writing
  • Organizing and leading prayer group meetings
  • Living a week , annually, in desert-like silence with a community of hermits

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