Land Re-Awakening

‘A long time ago, our world was very different from the way we see it today,’ the wisdom keeper began. ‘There were fewer people, and we lived closer to the land. People knew the language of the rain, the crops, and the Great Creator. They even knew how to speak to the stars and the sky people.’

‘They were aware that life is sacred and comes from the marriage between Mother Earth and Father Sky. In this time, there was balance and people were happy.’
‘Even though they had forgotten who they were, somewhere inside of them the
gift of their ancestors remained,’ he continued.

‘There was still a memory that lived within them. In their dreams at night they knew that they held the power to heal their bodies, bring rain when they needed to, and speak with their ancestors. They knew that somehow they could find their place in the natural world once again.’

Land Awakening in Delaware…in front of Grandfather Tree