Sacred Tree Drumming

Sacred Tree Drumming is your resource for the growth, expansion and continued development of your spiritual journey. Through drumming experiences, Spirit-led retreats, walking the Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel and the Sacred Tree Labyrinth, reawakening your land or having a house smudging ceremony, you can continue to create and become Who You Really Are. Touch your soul and the deeper part of who you know yourself to be. Click below to listen to an interview about Sacred Tree Drumming:

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I offer my 30 years of group drumming experience and my study of Native Wisdom teachings, ritual, and storytelling by leading drumming sessions in your home, a yoga studio or elsewhere. Sessions can be an evening, a whole day or a weekend. I bring hand-held drums for those who do not have them.


I built a Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel on my home property and I offer Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel experiences there.  These include drumming, forest bathing, earthing and walking the Labyrinth and journeying around the Medicine Wheel. These experiences are held at my home in Deptford, New Jersey.


I offer Land Awakening ceremonies to reawakening your land, connecting again with the Earth and the spirits and ancestors of the land. The ceremonies include drumming, offerings to the land, reverencing the four elements of the Earth and ritual of song and movement. Earthing on the land has proven clinical benefits to the body.


Ritualistic ceremony to cleanse the home of negative energies, infusing the home with the smoke of the white sage plant.  This smoke produces negative ions which neutralize positive ions which are clinically connected to inflammation and other illnesses.  Drumming, smudging and ritual prayers are included.

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Please see my Events page for full details of experiences. I come to your location and bring everything needed for a drumming, land awakening or house smudging experience. You can sign up for the Sacred Tree Drumming Newsletter to receive news and information about forthcoming events. You can contact me to arrange an experience.