Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel

According to Sun Bear, there were over 20,000 Medicine Wheels on the continent before Europeans immigrated. They were ceremonial centers of culture where people would come to mark changes in their lives. People also gathered to note the changes in the life of the earth. Medicine Wheels were places to meditate, pray, build upon your connection to nature, develop a better understanding of yourself, and become more in sync with your relationship with all of creation.

Tom’s Medicine Wheel

‘Medicine’ to native peoples meant ‘power,’ a critical energy force that one could draw upon and direct. For many, the Medicine Wheel was the primary method of explaining life and a pathway to empowering oneself and enhancing life.

Users of the Medicine Wheel are lead to the discovery of the Inner Self, to the divinity within, and to knowledge of the true purpose of one’s life.

Medicine Wheel Experience

The Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel experience includes the ritual of walking the Medicine Wheel and entering the world of ancient wisdom traditions. Discovering your birth moon and your animal totem, and learning how your spirit keepers can lead you to your spiritual pathway of harmony, balance and direction, are all part of the experience.

Your journey to and through the Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel will present you a vision of where you are in your life journey, and the areas you need to develop to achieve your true potential.

Life is a movement of coming and going. Life is a process of continued change. Change is the only aspect of life that is constant. Nothing is ever final as every end is but another beginning—another turn of the wheel.

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